Winners of 1 Chef’s Hat Award

José A. Ramos
El Ancla

Roberto Treviño
Bar Gitano

Jesus Perez Ruiz/Jesus Perez de Leon
Casa Miramar

Martin Lauzao
Cocina Abierta

Máycol Calderón

Aaron Wratten
Horned Dorset Primavera

José Garden & staff
José Garden

José Lavilla

Anthony Scott

Freddy Alers
Olas y Arenas

Linda & José Sánchez

Emilio Figueroa
Parrot Club

Alfonso Pescarino
La Piccola Fontana

Christian Darcoli
Pinoli Ristorante

Victor Naula
Il Postino

Richie Santos
Richie’s Café

José Santaella
Restaurant Santaella

Cesár Fernández

Ramesh Pillai

Santos González/Melvin Cintrón

Victor Alvear/Chef Francisco Maldonado
Vittorino Trattoria

    • Cranberry Sauce…Finally! November 26, 2015
      Originally posted on Hot, Cheap & Easy: I have never posted a cranberry sauce recipe before because frankly every time I tried I ended up with a lip-puckering nasty gloopy mess and we’ve just used lingonberry jam from IKEA instead. A happy surprise for the table So this year, I did not even tell my…
    • Sweet-Tart Homemade Lemonade (made entirely by the kids) August 21, 2015
      My son and niece (8 and 11 respectively) had made some sugar syrup* for me last week – they are pretty good with the stove these days and eager to see how things are done. I actually used most of it for adult beverages (mango-chile mojitos and passionfruit mojitos), but in return for their help, […]
    • Mango Mojitos With Ancho Chili Salt August 15, 2015
      It was another summer Friday in the neighborhood and that called for another festive cocktail. Riding high on the success of last session’s passionfruit mojitos, I decided to make mango mojitos. The drink itself followed much the same construction, but the mango was decidedly sweeter than the passionfruit, so I decided that it needed a […]
    • Savory Spicy Slow Cooker Moroccan Chicken August 3, 2015
      It is too hot for cooking, but the family’s gotta eat, so cook I must. So I have employed the slow cooker; it makes for tasty and tender meals and doesn’t heat up the kitchen. Here is my interpretation of Moroccan Chicken; it was a big success with everyone in the house (the spiciness is […]