About Tables

Tables Magazine: Puerto Rico’s Guide to Great Dining has been helping hungry people find the right restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, birthday parties, group celebrations and corporate meetings since 1998.

To mark our 15th anniversary in 2013 we will, for the first time, make the information available on the web with a click of your smart phone device. Nowhere is all this information As readily and easily available as in Tables Magazine On Line.

Not only does Tables Magazine On Line offer a Restaurant Guide with almost 700 listings, but you can find those restaurants either alphabetically, geographically, by type of cuisine, and myriad other details.

You’ll also find maps to see how to get to the restaurant; see ads from some of them; and find glorious photos of chefs and food. You’ll find recipes from some of those chef. You’ll read reviews by Tables’ professional food writers. You can even  write your own review!

Check, too, our list of winners of the Tables Magazine Chef’s Hat Awards. For 12 years, we have been recognizing the superior efforts of chefs and restaurateurs with an exclusive and elegant award: look for it when you visit those restaurants. You’ll find articles about the Chef’s Hat Awards in Tables Magazine On Line.

So have fun; click around tablespr.com and find the restaurant you want for your next meal in Puerto Rico.

¡Buen provecho!

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